Why won't they let me move on?

I confessed my feelings to a guy in my hiking group 2 months ago which his response was he said he 'led me on' but he kept staring at me at a party weeks later.

I have avoided bumping into him for the past 7 weeks which has been fine but mutual friends keep mentioning him to me or they laugh and say they found out he was the guy I liked.

I have seen photos posted by a friend on social media of him cosy with a woman on New Years which he is entitled to do so but it made me feel sick.

I want to move on but these 'friends' keep talking about him to me.


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  • You need to ask the friends to back off a bit. Tell them what he said. He is attracted to you which is why he keeps staring but that hasn't helped you very much.

  • Its barely destined to go happily beyond a hookup.
    Don't put yourself through this


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