For the ladies; do you think it's wrong to date older men?

ladies, do you think it's wrong to date older men? And not like a sugar daddy situation, I am talking true love. I recently was dating a 25 year old woman and things were great between us until her job moved her off to another state. I am 48, but I am the new 48, young at heart, I am not old, gray, bald, wrinkled or fat, maybe that's why things were so great between us. I heard a lot of flack from others about our age difference, but I didn't care. We loved each other.


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  • I am currently in a relationship with a man who is 37, and I am 24 but really the age is of no matter in this case or in many really. If you love this person and you both make each other happy then that is all that matters. You do get some factors that may differ but if you can both find an equal balance and you have things in common then I see nothing wrong with it. When we started our relationship there was doubt from both sides of friends and family because of the difference but if it is meant to be it will happen.


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