Am I looking too deep into things?

We broke up and she’s pretty mad at me right now but she likes most of my bands posts and every other one of mine... when we dated she liked every single one, but she likes literally every post she scrolls past. But after we broke up I found out she doesn’t like the posts of the guys she likes... I even told her this. I know she still likes me as she told me and we broke up because she needs to focus on herself right now... she didn’t like my most recent post. Is she trying to show me she still likes me?


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  • I think it's possible she still likes you. The fact that she still likes your posts is a sign she's reaching out for a bit of attention or as a metaphorical poke in the arm saying "I'm still here". Did she ever feel as though she wasn't getting enough attention in the relationship? I would tell her you respect her decision to focus on herself but kindly ask if you did something wrong or if you could help her in any way. I wish you the best of luck! xx

    • I talked to her and she said she liked them because she felt guilty that I liked hers. That’s bullshit because she liked mine first. But we got into an argument and she just blocked me on all social media so I guess it’s done

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    • You did the right thing. No one deserves to go through that

    • I just wish her and her friends knew that. She wanted to be friends and I didn’t but I felt forced because with her ex she threaded to kill her self if he wasn’t friends and she said she’d be upset and that put a lot of pressure on me. So I kind of manipulated her into hating me and realizing she didn’t want to be my friend so it was her decision and she wouldn’t get hurt nearly as badly... I sound like a dick but I think that was the right thing to do

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