If a girl loves a guy, but the guy doesn't stick around or finds someone else. What does the girl do then?

24 years old made a mistake when making account.

Like, would she just give up on men, or realize that her one true love is gone so she is done, or it will take a while to search again? Will she just wait for him without him ever knowing? Exactly what goes through a girl's mind when this happens or she begins to fall in love with a guy and this happens where the guy, flakes? Or didn't see it the way she did?


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  • Don't give up on men, and don't obsess about him. You'll get another chance at love.

    • Hello, I am a guy, either way thanks for the positive encouragement. I do have a sister going through this and I just want to understand women's behavior pretty much. Like what keeps women to even fall in love with a guy that doesn't love them back or not love but like only or is it the same thing really? But the majority, do women wait like men do in general? Thanks for your response! Have a pleasant day :)

  • depends on the person but moving on is easiest and becomes the most natural course of action, once things are made EXPLICITLY unequivocally clear. that its over for the person leaving.

    few people linger when they know its over. most often what happens is there's no clarity and they just kind of see what happens while the other person fades.

    also its not about the sex of the person, depends on the personality-culimination of their experiences influence environment life lessons challenges etc. .

    • Always be clear.

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    • Well I am just curious because I always read this stuff about women hurt and waiting and such. I'm asking this because as a guy I want to understand women's behavior and never do this when a women ever falls in love with me.

    • i already said in my opinion it depends on the person not the sex, so i can't help you understand women when i dont see this as being about 'women'.

      honesty is important bc no one 'waits' for nothing. if people are honest that its over, everyone will move on most people lie so they can keep a back up, making it seem like some people just won't let go. skewed results.

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