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My boyfriend and I have been dating 2 months, and he gets sad/upset over small things and it makes me feel bad, but I always find a way to cheer him up and we work ut out. Also, his ex calls him fairly regularly at night and that makes me nervous even tho he says it's nothing and I want to trust that. He also gave me a promise ring but proceeded to say later that day how he's not sure how college is going to work out for us cause we already live 4 hrs away from each other. So, what are your thoughts?


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  • the ex should not be a part of his life. also, you're 18 and have only been dating 2 months. a promise ring. he needs to slow your role..

    just sayin'

    • I know! And I'm not sure what to think of it and I don't know to tell him it's too soon for that

    • you're just scared he'll run off if you tell him the truth

      the truth shall set you free, that's all i can say

    • Thanks

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  • He seems pretty toxic from what you've written. Give it some time and see if things improve. If they don't, leave him.

    • I don't know about him necessarily being toxic, but sometimes the things he gets upset about makes me feel not enough I suppose. But I will give it some time, thank you!

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  • Try go to the same college

    • Also don't get upset if he's talking to his ex it probably is nothing but tell him how it makes u feel

    • I've talked to him about it, and he says he'll stop. And I hope so, but he can't control how much she calls him I guess. Also, we talked about going to same college, but he's driven to see me so much that he said he's "done giving at that point", cause I don't have a way to go see him, and will not go to school up here

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  • I get upset over everything and even when I have a terrible day and it's like no one will talk to me my boyfriend always makes me happy so just have trust in him and your gut.


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