Have you ever thought you’d marry someone at first glance?

And then you end up marrying them? It happened to me. We’re not together now, but wow what a feeling and how amazing is that?


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  • When I first saw my boyfriend I joked to myself that it would be like a teenage romance movie if we got together (due to our circumstance), then we actually got together. Best thing that happened in my life. 😌


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  • Yes happened to me. Thank God we're not together anymore

    • When they talk about ‘the one’ I understand to an extent, but at the end of the day you can fall in love at first glance, but it doesn’t mean you’ll stay in love

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    • Ya we met in job corps and I saw him before he saw me. I told my friend look at that guy, I'm going to marry him. Boom

    • My ex was with someone when I first saw her. Then we met a few months later and that was that

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