What do you think about biracial couples?

Whenever I'm out with my (white) boyfriend, I feel judged. And it's not only assumptions or just a feeling, but some girls have hit on him, saying "whites should stay with whites" or just plain rude assholes who were like "your relationship is a joke" and upon being asked why, they'd reply "people shouldn't mix races".
I'm suddenly reminded of these because today, some sales people were selling some kind of promotion for a picture thing, and this lady said "you should bring your partner next time around, we have special 40% off for couples... As my boyfriend was there, standing there, holding my arm. It was just weird and I don't know, the way she just said" oh", idkkkk it just felt judgmental.
If you see a black and white dude/dudette together, or any other "race" with another one, what do you think?

What do you think about biracial couples??
Ew they shouldn't be together
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Mixing races!! Yesss!!
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Whatever, I don't really care
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What do you think about biracial couples?
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