Was that his way of saying I was beautiful?

So me and my boyfriend were laying in bed being silly, and we decided to play that game where you write a word with your fingers on their body and they're supposed to guess it. Now, he has never actually complimented me in person or anything like that, but he wrote beautiful on my stomach. Was that his way of doing it? Or was that really just the first word that popped up out of all the words in the whole world that you could pick. What would you guys guess?


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  • If it's the first word he obviously thought it about you, he could've been a dick and wrote slut or something like that


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  • I mean, he was most likely calling you beautiful. He could just be shy or hesitant to say it out loud. He could’ve picked any word but he decided to choose beautiful. Go you two!


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  • Yeah I'd say so. It's cute.


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