How to start a conversation with a girl on a dating app?

I am very bad at texting. I seriously am very bad at starting a conversation with an unknown girl.


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  • SAY HI

    • That is too basic and never works, it's kinda turn off for a women

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    • Yeah just saying hi is like the most boring and lane thing you could say tbh...

    • Oh yeah that's a cool one

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  • First you should use something in their profile to start the conversation with if! If they don't have anything good, I'll use a few questions like ; which are the top three countries you have/want to visit? Or something

    • I idea's tried with the profile thing I was confused what to say if there is nothing in the profile to begin with. You just gave some good idea's thanks 👍🏽

    • No worries man! :) anything good?

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  • Something nice for start. Simple Hey hows your day going is good. You dont know each other so just ask her hows she's going. Its easy, trust me. After firs message you will know how to continue texting. Good luck ;)

  • Send bob and vagene pics


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