Is it good or bad if he wants to meet after almost a week of just talking?

he said he rathers talk in person and see if we have a connection then talking for weeks \ months and we don't end up meeting or we don't have chemistry. He said he has a good feeling we will get along. He's also mention about kissing on the first date. We met online.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It’s ok but only meet in a very public place and make sure he knows you told parents/friends you are meeting him.


Most Helpful Girl

  • From what I've read this can be a good thing but personally I'd be SO nervous and you have to be really careful. I don't think I'd be happy meeting so soon but on the other hand u do know if u like them or not. I have not been able to see people for a while and realise after a long while that I don't really like them much after all


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What Guys Said 1

  • If he's genuine then of course he likes you so far. It means he's eager to actually meet you


What Girls Said 2

  • It does make sense what's he's saying. It's reasonable , but be safe and go with your guy. However, I'd need to know more about him , and build a better rapport before meeting up.

  • Good.


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