Would this be a bad idea?

There is this girl I've been stressing over for a month. Im crazy about her and she basically rejected me. The thing is though she never exactly told me that. I got her number and the day after I texted her but she never responded so I wait another day and I text her asking if this was her but this time she replied back and said " No, I think you have the wrong number". I know for a fact it was the right number because snapchat proved it. Well like I said im crazy about her I've never cared so much before about someone. I know im going to probably get some shit for this in the comments but im thinking I should text her and kind of play it dumb saying "if this is her I just want to let you know how awesome I think you are and that we should hangout sometime and that if you're not interested just tell me I'd rather know the truth" or id say something like that. Im still debating if I should call or text or just let it go.


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  • Go for it bro don’t let that burden stay in you let it all out and make sure to mention it’s you


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