Does your bio account for much on dating apps?

What sort of things should write? I hate writing about myself.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh oh I know! Write this;
    * I'm not good at writing bios so maybe you shouldn't really read this. Wait, why are you still here? I already told you I'm not good at it, so I'm not going to write one. Yeah. Oh I almost forgot, I like Nutella. That's all.
    Or just write ;
    I'm not good at writing bios so maybe pm me if you want to learn more about myself. Fun fact; I like Nutella.

    Please don't mind me and how much I like Nutella. This is a joke.

    • That's pretty good... And I do like Nutella... Perhaps not as much as you XD

    • 😂😂

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes/No. In most cases it is important. If you are good looking it's less important.


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What Girls Said 1

  • For me the bio is really important. I hate small talk and I don't want to waste my time doing it, just to find out we have nothing in common.

    If you have like nothing in your bio, I keep scrolling.

    Write what kind of girl you're interested in. What you do for fun, your interest. School/work. Things you hate. How do your friends describe you. Bucket list.


What Guys Said 1

  • Usually people decide just by looking at your picture. But a good bio would help too. Just talk about what you like doing and your best qualities.


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