How can a socially awkward girl meet guys?

I’m pretty socially awkward. I can keep a conversation going usually but I tend to ramble. I also have a stutter and it usually happens when I start talking too fast.

Most guys that I’ve met who have shown interest in me have had intentions of using me. Some guys were so desperate they thought I would be easy. Nope, I’m a person with standards. I’ve been asked out on dates before but they never happened either because I wasn’t interested enough or the guy never got back to me with a time or place.

I have few friends too so going out to things is hard and I hate going alone. Online dating is hard because of all the internet trolls and bots. I watch tons of videos on YouTube of people catfishing and that terrifies me.

I am attending college. I did meet a guy there. We seemed to really like each other but he stopped talking to me for whatever reasons. I feel like I’m out of options and I’ll be single forever.
How can a socially awkward girl meet guys?
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