Have you ever become romantically or sexually involved with a coworker?

  • No, never have, never would
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  • I never have, but I would
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  • I did, but I wouldn't do it again
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  • I did, and I would do it again
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  • I did, and married a coworker
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Even if you do, it's a bad idea. If it ends badly and you don't know them well enough then rumours can spread that you probably don't want. Especially if it's some bad sex. By bad sex, I mean if she just starfishes and doesn't make any effort, or if she sticks a finger up your bum and you're not into that sort of stuff. Same goes for if he jizzes too early or he doesn't get hard at all or he makes it physically unpleasant by going too hard or just doens't have much experience. Both dudes and the ladies talk to each other because they like telling a juicey story. You don't know what sort of Chinese whispers get up to upper management in a years time.

    If it works out, then great. Generally speaking it's just a ticking time bomb. I do know people that it has worked out for so it's really depends on what everyone wants. Whether it's the D or the V, or they want a relationship.

    If you work closely with each other then that's even worse. Separating business from pleasure is what should be done. Although, if you hate the job and plan on leaving for another joint then just bang whoever you're wanting to bang and get it over with.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Never.


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  • There's this pervasive idea that co-workers or women who are like, your boss, are sexually/romantically off limits because of a supposed 'power dynamic' that I just reject wholeheartedly & could not give a fuck less about. I think most people understand its a bad idea to compromise your career by hooking up with someone you work with, but adults can make decisions for themselves & I personally would judge those situations on a case by case basis-as to whether i'd chance it.

  • So, a while back around Halloween, I was talking with my best friend and she told me that she asked her boyfriend (who also happens to be my coworker) if they were to have a threesome with another man who would he choose and he chose me. Later we all got drunk and had a fun night. I partially regret it though, since he grew a certain hatred for me and only forgave me after Christmas.


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