Are we gonna never talk again?

I Won't hide that I'm feeling really bad about that situation.
We were casual the whole time, everything was great and fun since he hasn't contacted me in weeks and when I tried to reach out i just got a read and no answer back. Deep down I know it's about him beeing preocuppied or finding someone new and instead of telling me straightforward he prefers to throw hints...
Some of you will say move on but it's not that easy. I'm more surprised about how can he let go that easily? Was I not enough for him? Or is that maybe new girl much beettter than me that he forgot me like that.


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  • Well were you guys ever official or was it just "having fun"? Did you ever say how you felt about him, and did anyone ever mention a relationship? If not then he had no reason to move on to someone that wanted one. Though I don't fun he needed to ignore you.

    • No one of us mentionned a relationship. We started as ''having fun'' before we even had to know each other. Then we did get to know each other and now I got attached to him. Im confused.

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    • This kind of situation happened once and I had to ask him about what was wrong till he answered. Now I don't see myself double texting. I just blocked him now. Despite of me :(

    • Best thing to do I guess now he won't have to deal with me anymore. If that's was he was wishing

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