Do girls actually like guys that fight for them?

I've heard that before, but is it always true? Like, what if she has a boyfriend but she's liked another guy for a while? Wouldn't she not like him to fight for her?


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  • I used to stay like that but it’s just more romanticized toxic behavior. Most of the time someone talks about “fighting for the relationship” or that person... they’re really chasing and don’t know how to let go. When I’d say I’d want a guy to fight for me , I meant I want to walk away from that person and they put in effort to show me they don’t want me to which is toxic behavior.

    The scenario you gave. If she has a boyfriend and is entertaining another guy... he (the boyfriend) just needs to let her go. Someone can take someone from you, just be thankful and walk away. Physically fighting behind someone is complete nonsense


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  • Girls want a guy that will put in effort to chase them, as it shows that the guy is willing to put effort into what he cares/wants and will also be more likely to put effort into a relationship.


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  • Like physical fights or do anything to get them like fight for them in that way?

    • Anything to get them.

    • I think yes but it could also put off a girl at the same time because she would love a girl to care about her enough to try so hard to get him but if he tries to hard she might not like it that much. I don’t know how to explain it

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