What should I do when he ignores me?

I dated this guy for a couple weeks, everything was great, we had a good connection, we spent almost every day together at his place and mine. I have met some his friends and his coworkers. He suddenly pulled away after the second weeks. He first told me that he was trying to sort out his feelings and then we have talked and agreed to continue seeing each other. Couple days later he texted me that he doesn’t think he can go on with us and never give me any reasons. I didn’t contact him after that for a week and then I texted him on NYE to HNY and he seen it but didn’t answer. The reason when he pulled away the first time was he scared to get hurt because he really likes me from the day that he met me 4 years ago and he has anger that I did judge him at that time and didn’t give him a chance because when we were together this time everything is so great to be true. He has so many things happened in his life, his grandma passed away a month ago and his business getting busy in Christmas time. I feel like he’s insecure about our relationship but I like him and want to give it a try but I don’t know what should I do beside giving him space?


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  • honestly? to me this guy just sounds like he used you for a good time then once he was done made up excuses to end things, guys do this and we really don't care about giving you any closure us guys are bastards sometimes but that's just the way it is.
    the fact he didn't respond to the message tells me he just isn't interested anymore he's got what needed and maybe after a few weeks months etc. of you guys not talking he'll message you again to see you and "try again" same thing will happen though, been on this situation myself. sorry.

    • totally agree with you, that’s what I feel. I need my stuff back from his place though, last time I was there I thought about take all my stuff with me but he said, just leave them here because I will need them anyway and if he doesn’t want my stuff there he will ask me to take them because he’s not a shy guy. If he is not interested anymore why won’t he just give me my stuff back?

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    • Yeahhh Can you believe that he’s 44 yo and still act like a young boy lol thanks for all your advices though, much appreciate

    • 44? no way I was thinking 20 years younger.

      yes stay well clear of this guy, at that age he should know exactly what he wants in life!
      sounds Like a mid life crises to me.

      you're welcome good luck.

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  • Wait for it

    • for how long? another week and contact him again?

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    • Yeah I’m kinda that way but I just feel like if it needs to be end, it should be end soon, I don’t want to carry my curiosity along with me for another month, and also I want to get my stuff back from his place

    • Don't rush for results, if you want to push it hard better end it from your side then

  • Thats all you can do. If a guy says I can go through with it then trust that to be true and probably for good reasons too. You keep trying to get his attention and its not working. You gotta let it go.

    • Yes I know but at least he should give me the reason why?

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    • Whats it gonna take for you to move on from him? Because it seems to me like thats all that is left for you to do. best of luck.

    • I think it would not be that hard for me to move on from him, maybe I will text him that I will pick up my stuff from his place and end it

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