What should I do when he ignores me?

I dated this guy for a couple weeks, everything was great, we had a good connection, we spent almost every day together at his place and mine. I have met some his friends and his coworkers. He suddenly pulled away after the second weeks. He first told me that he was trying to sort out his feelings and then we have talked and agreed to continue seeing each other. Couple days later he texted me that he doesn’t think he can go on with us and never give me any reasons. I didn’t contact him after that for a week and then I texted him on NYE to HNY and he seen it but didn’t answer. The reason when he pulled away the first time was he scared to get hurt because he really likes me from the day that he met me 4 years ago and he has anger that I did judge him at that time and didn’t give him a chance because when we were together this time everything is so great to be true. He has so many things happened in his life, his grandma passed away a month ago and his business getting busy in Christmas time. I feel like he’s insecure about our relationship but I like him and want to give it a try but I don’t know what should I do beside giving him space?
What should I do when he ignores me?
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