Should I try again with her?

It's been a little over a year since I first started seeing this girl. After a few dates and some nights at her place, I started to get some real strong feelings for her. She said she was getting them too. We did not officially label ourselves as "dating" or bf/gf as we both were kinda busy and not in the best place in life. She eventually started seeing less of me, but we stayed friends and talked through Facebook nearly every day. About a month later she informed me she had a boyfriend. I was fine with it, as it's her choice and all. However whenever I came around with mutual friends it was really awkward. I met another girl in the meantime and dated her for a while. I found out this girl cheated on me so I broke up with her. I went away for a while. I came back and started talking to the first girl again, and she said she always had feelings for me and still does. Should I try and date her for real this time? I feel like it's pretty rare for a girl to keep feelings for someone for a whole year.


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  • Yeah give it another shot if u like, I just don't like the fact she chose over you last time, so just be on guard 👍 nice glasses by the way

    • Yeah I didn't like that either. It hurt for a bit. Like I said, we both were in some weird spots in life. We both have settled more so it seems more feasible now.

      Thanks, I like the glasses too :)

  • You're right, give it another go


What Guys Said 1

  • Try it you don't necessarily have anything to lose, besides she seems quite different from the lady in the last relationship

    • She is totally different. The other one hated her and had me block her (should have been a big red flag). I guess I live and learn.

      Thanks for your opinion!

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    • Went through that scenario too with my ex when we met, I didn't make a move since we had just met. After her confirming by text that she wished I had made a move, I told her that the next time we meet I'll say hi with a long kiss.. and I did, best greeting ever.

    • Awesome. Thanks for that!

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