Is she trying to get me to pursue her more?

I thought this girl liked me and I asked her to hang out a couple times and she did at first but then she started refusing. But everytime she sees me around campus she seems happy and comes up to me and like squeezes my hand or gets touchy in some way. I never see her do this to other guys

I finally asked her out on a formal date. I asked her on Thursday for Friday and she seemed excited but then said she wished I has asked her sooner because she already had plans.

She didn't make any counter offer so some people were telling me she's probably not interested. But I'm wondering if she's just trying to get me to chase after her harder. Should I try again and ask her farther in advance?


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  • Depends, does she initiate the conversation or do you, then with the date thing that was a today for tomorrow thing, you gotta give her a couple days notice. Ask her out again but with like 2-3 days notice, if she dodged then don't bother. Play it cool and see if she comes to you.


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