Does he like me more than a coworker?

So I work with this guy who everyone thinks he likes me. He's shy a lot of time, so it's me starting up the conversation. We do joke sometimes. I'm seventeen and he's a bit older than me. I asked him out to the movies as friends and he said yes.
Well, I was cleaning and when I got to my register my other coworker says this
Coworker one- "Do it! I'm right here!"
Him- Looks at me and smiles and then back at them. "No." Quickly walks away.
After that before I left I joked about him being excited about me being eighteen.
Me- "You sound so excited about me being eighteen this year."
Him- "Yeah."
Me- "So are you going to buy me a cake that says, 'Happy birthday, Aisha! You can finally work machinery!"
Him- "Yeah, I will." He smiled.
Me- "Okay, I'll make you remember that. I also want you to draw something on it and not a stick figure." We both laugh.
He also tries getting into the conversation when I'm speaking to someone. He takes glances when he thinks I don't notice. He also got excited when he thought I was working with him one day. (I wasn't.) when I told him I wasn't he got sad about it.

There's a lot more, but I'm just confused here XD Help.
Does he like me more than a coworker?
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