Girls any advice on how I can talk to you without getting nervous?

So I really like this girl but I can never get up enough courage to go over and talk to her. I always feel embarrassed about the way I look and I don't want to try and talk to her and just get rejected. Because from there on out she will know I like her but it would just be awkward. What I'm saying is how do I approach her confidently and without making a fool of myself.


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  • I would befriend her first if she was willing to become your friend. Because then you’ll get a little more comfortable with her.

    • Ok but how would I go about befriending her?

    • Just talk to her via text if possible and if not just start out with little things like sitting near her, you can talk to her starting with basic conversation like “hey, how have you been” and things could escalate

    • Would she find this to be weird though. I've never talked to her and then I just sit next to her and start texting her.

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