Would I make you feel threatened?

I'm a simple man, I am not attractive, or an "alpha male" as you may call it.

I've recently encountered 3 events where I have a female friend, and their S. O either wants me dead, or to never talk to their girlfriend again. I do not flirt with these people, but I do talk to them a lot and I trust them as much as they trust me, a certain one said they even trusted me with her life. I consider myself a caregiver sometimes, I'm not after anything or anyone, and I repulse away from people advancing towards me 90% of the time.

If I talked to your girlfriend, and she spoke highly of me (as a friend mind you) would you feel threatened by me? Because I'm really curious shy these guys want me to stay away from them, I'm not attractive, I'm not sexually active. I'm an artist and that's usually a turn off for people. Why do people feel threatened by me?

Also I know I suck at taking pictures for posts.
Would I make you feel threatened??
Would I make you feel threatened?
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