Why does he go out of his way to ignore me when his friend is around?

So we're all coworkers. Let's call them Andrew and Jason. I've been getting vibes that Jason likes me.

Jason and Andrew are best friends.
Andrew has flirted with me and even held my hand at one point. And made a comment about how he wants to see my boobs. He knows I have nipple piercings and said "let's see. Prove it".

But when Jason is there, Andrew ignores me. He doesn't say hi or anything. Jason does talk to me. But today, I was in charge of kitchen ( I'm a crew Trainer) and crew is supposed to ask me for free meals. I'm the one who approves them. And Andrew told someone else in kitchen to ask me for him. Like, he knew he was supposed to ask me but went out of his way to get someone to ask me.

Is this because Jason likes me? (Jason liking me is only a hunch of mine) Jason was there when Andrew was asking for a free meal.


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  • Well to start off guys will usually act different when he's around his friends rather then alone with you it's just how guys are the ignoring though is different it may be that he doesn't want his friend knowing he has any types of feelings like that but I couldn't tell you if you are into him and want to pursue a relationship id have a conversation about it with him

    • I've been getting vibes that his friend likes me. Is that why he might be ignoring me when his friend is there?

    • It's possible if his friend does like you then hed definitely back off when he knows his friends into u

  • More than likely he is trying. to avoid either getting teased about it... or trying to act tough in front of his friends


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