Do you think this guy has feelings for me at all?

so we’ve been talking for around a month now. we talk a ton throughout the day and we FaceTime all the time probably every single night (he always asks me) and no we haven’t hung out in person yet and that’s because he lives 2 hours away which to most of you may not be super far but we’ve both been busy so it’s been hard. I don't know we just have a good connection, maybe it’s cuz we are both Gemini’s lol. And I do feel something for him and I care about him and I can’t help it ya know it’s like since we’ve been talking so much he’s became apart of my life and it’s hard not to develop feelings. SO ANYWAYS, he went to a New Year’s Eve party and he said he was drinking and he went to some girls apartment and he barley remembers it and woke up with hickeys all over his neck. He showed me them on FaceTime. Do u think he was trying to make me jealous? and before you say “he’s a fuckboy!” I don’t think he actually is. He’s asked me to hang during the day but I couldn’t. he told me straight up he doesn’t do hook ups and he prefers to get to know people because I asked him that after he told me the hickey thing. I mean we are both single so it’s whatever I made out multiple guys on New Years and I even told him.. BEFORE he told me about the hickeys. She goes to college somewhere else tho. he seems to actually care about what I say and stuff and like I had said something a few weeks ago about how I hate when guys never compliment me because I feel like they aren’t interested and how I don’t need it all the time but once in a while is nice and he said how his ex girlfriend always got mad when he never hyped her up and stuff and I was like oh I’m not mad and it’s just once a while and stuff. and I’ve noticed since I said that he’s been commenting things on my stories and just giving me waaay more compliments not over doing it or anything but it’s been nice. I don't know.. what do you think I should do? should I keep talking to him or do you think he doesn’t care about me that much?
Do you think this guy has feelings for me at all?
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