Need advice about a girl I haven't talked to in 5 years?

In 2013, I had gotten injured from work and had a very bad concussion resulting in me loosing my memory which was two years of my life. I had seen doctors and they tried to help me regain my memories and nothing worked. When my fiance and I broke up it was such as traumatic and emotional time that I remembered everything that I had forgotten before 2013. Since having all of these memories back I've remembered this girl that I almost dated in 2012 and my feelings for her returned. As well and I can't stop thinking about her.

Now back to the present: This girl and I go to the same church and I haven't talked to her yet because the right time hasn't happened yet. A couple friends of mine suggested that I send her a friend request on Facebook first before approaching her at church. So I sent her a Friend Request on Facebook and I was really hoping she would accept but she declined the request.

I think the reason that she declined the request is because of what happened in early 2013. When I was younger, my grandfather taught me chivalry and how to treat a lady. You know, such as when a woman comes into the room you take off your hat and stand up or you open doors for women. Well, I had contacted her father because I wanted to ask him if it would be alright if I could take her on a date and before her father and I could meet, she had unfriended me on Facebook and from there on all communications had stopped.

What my question is: Does this mean there is no chance at dating or talking to her at all? Preferably, I'd rather talk to someone in person rather than on social media. I just want to know what I should do because even though I haven't talked to her in 5 years... it feels like it was just yesterday.

Any advice you have is much appreciated. Thank you


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  • She is not interested. You need to move on.


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