Everything I say is accusing him.. everything he says to me hurts my feelings?

He doesn't even act likes he likes me most of the time unless he wants sex. Then of course he knows how to be sweet as honey. I've tried I've tried and tried and its gotten to the point i dont even like him very much anymore. I wanted to fix things. But if he's mean as hell to me, i ask him a innocent question about one thing he's immediatley screaming he didn't do anything. I hate talking to him because he makes me feel like a big scary asshole,. I ask him why he's angry he comes back with you've been angry. I say that his way of talking to me is hurting mento talk kinder and he argues that im taking it the wrong way.. I think he hates me i keep telling him he can go but he refuses to give up on us... im just scared to say anything cause it might set him off.. guys why does he say he loves me and can't live without me but treats me like an annoyance from hell?


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  • Because the relationship has become toxic... Been there... Done that... DO NOT envy you one bit! And no one wants to leave because of the fear of change.

    Tried mediation? Or some form of councilling so that you can hear faults from a neutral party. It's easier to accept that way.

    • Everyone has said this , im trying to make him see how he talks down to me. I record our conversations but he refuses to listen to them

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    • Yeah, he's the exact same way, I don't know what to do anymore except refuse to converse when he's being a doushe

    • Yeah... Just don't engage. Need thick skin tho because they can get nasty!!

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  • Your relationship is getting toxic. Run away


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  • Time to move on. It's not going to get better.

  • Get a new boyfriend, this can not be fixed


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