Girls, Does friendzone = you re "ugly" for me, in a politicaly correct way?

i have some friends that always talk about friendzone. i have always believed that friendzone doesn't exist and that i have the way out of it. but when i give advice to some friends on how to get out of friendzone they say it never works and i dont know shit about women. So is that "way" out of it something out of my skills and control because of better looks? please girls be honest, is it true that if you are goodlooking enough you don't get friendzoned and friendzone means something like " i can do a lot better" in a polite way?
  • Yes, friendzone means you re "ugly" for me
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  • No, friendzone doesn't mean you re "ugly" for me
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  • Friendzone is because of other reasons
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I friend-zoned several people because I actually didn't like them ''that way'', I just accepted their question because I couldn't say no. They were good looking though, but I have a really hard time trying to be in love.


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  • I "friendzone" people because I prefer being friends with someone before we actually date.

  • It means you are my friend.

  • I friendzoned this guy simply because I knew he wasn't the one for me. He really is very good looking though.


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