What does it mean if he wants to meet as soon as possible?

Were 9 years apart and we have been talking for almost a week. We have a few things in common. He said he rather meet in person and see if we have chemistry then talk for weeks or months and not meet up or have no chemistry. He talked about kissing and giviing a long hug when we first meet. He talks a lot about cuddling as well. He wants to meet asap. I asked if he ever hooked up with someone on the first date. He said he did but they lasted more than a year.
  • He just wants sex
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  • He likes you and know what he wants
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  • Hmmmm kissing when first meeting up is a bit dodgy... If you want to meet him then do it at a busy coffee house. Explain you only want to talk for the first date. If he keeps pushing he wants a kiss and affection then sorry to day he wants to only fuck you.


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  • Wants sex.


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  • Never forget that even if a guy like you, he also always think about sex

  • Humans have urge for sex. But with whome is where the question arises.


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