Does she like Good Morning Texts even though I don't see much appreciation?

I started to send her (dating for 3 months) good morning texts like every day usually a few minutes before she usually wakes up. Since we live in different time zones I am already up since a few hours until she wakes up. She seems quite shy to open up a conversation so I thought its the easiest way for her. This way she can just jump in whenever she wants. Of course, it's not just a "good morning". Sometimes it's an audio message, a nice good morning picture and usually something like "have a nice day" or ask how her evening was if I know she made something special. We do not speak the same mother language, so sometimes I send her Audios in her mother language which takes like 10-15min practicing the pronunciation.

Anyways. Sometimes she responds when she arrives at work, but sometimes it also takes a few hours. But always responded at least. Once she was really busy and responded before she went to bed but said sorry because she was so busy. I am not really sure if she likes it or if she sees it as an obligation to respond. Sometimes when I know she is busy she also responds, but just short answers. Here I am not sure how to interpret that. Is it more because she wants to be polite and that's why she answers quite short even if she is busy? Or should it be better to be interpreted as she is busy but even though she takes the time to at least respond something short?
I mean I don't really see if she any appreciation and I don't want to annoy her with this or come over as clingy.

Any advices? Should I may stop a day or two to do this? Not sure if this is a good move. I really don't want to play games or something, so I don't want to send wrong signs by accident.
Should I just ask her if she likes it or if it annoys her?


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  • That might make you appear needy to her. Also, allow her to initiate from time to time. Do not constantly bombard her with texts. If you ask her if it annoys her, odds are she is going to lie and reassure you that she doesn't get annoyed by that


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  • Text you copy will automatically show here


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