We stopped dating, NC for 2.5 months. Texted her, she was excited to talk, where do I go from here?

We dated for 2-3 months, with me breaking it off because he job’s hours were crazy and it was getting to be impossible to hang out. She said maybe she wasn’t ready to date anyone because she didn’t have time. I didn’t necessarily want to break up, but it felt like it wasn’t going anywhere.

No contact for 2.5 months. I texted her Saturday with something that reminded me of her. She responded minutes later. She seemed EXCITED to talk to me. She said she meant to text me often, but wasn’t sure if it would be okay. So we were texting paragraphs back and forth catching up and she seems interested, even initiated texting me happy New year’s. I sent her a picture of me and my nice and I said “no big deal we’re good looking ;)” and she said “Hahaha true :)”. Also did a lot of inside jokes. Girls, is that something you would only do with someone you miss friendship with? Or if you still had feelings for someone.
Also our last texts were me saying I was on my way back so I’d have to talk to her later and that she could text me tomorrow (would’ve been yesterday). She said yep will do and hope I had a great weekend and a good night. Her work is very busy this week so didn’t hear from her yesterday.
Just wondering if I should keep pursuing or not


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  • Feelings, feelings. But time will tell!! Sounds you noth want this ;)

    • Do you think she is still interested?

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    • Well there you go! Maybe it's time to start dating again. See how she feels about it and do it!

    • We went out last Friday and I expressed that I liked her and wanted to keep seeing her. She felt the same but “didn’t want to hurt me” because when she’s super stressed she doesn’t want to see anyone and I got mad last time. But I said I want to try and the mood seemed to change. She seemed happy and felt like we made up. But texting is not as frequent so we’ll see

  • if you plan on asking her out, take your friend ship slow


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  • Doesn't matter what you do just stay connected if you want to continue talking to them


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