He wanted to hook up but then he said he can’t cause he has a gf? WTF?

So we met at a bar he was really cute and he said I was really hot we made out for a bit he wanted to get out and have sex but then he wasn’t leaving the bar I was confused so I asked if he wanted me to stay with him or leave him alone then he kissed me again and said that he wanted me to stay so I stayed but then he was basically everywhere talked to everyone most likely just guys it was his local bar that he hangs out most of the time and knows pretty much everyone. Then he came back and kissed me again and saying that he wanted to get out and make out so I said yes let’s go then he said that he has a girlfriend then I asked but then why r you here alone? Where is your gf? Then he said he was home.. they live together and been together for about 4.5 years he said. He was hesitating to say anymore thing about girlfriend so I said ok I get it maybe it’s complecated I don’t want to involved then I was about to leave then he came back and said he doesn’t want me to leave...

I know I shouldn’t really care but he’s like super duper cute I still do want to get to know him as if he wasnsepetating his long term girlfriend.. what should I do?


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  • well he's a douche xD be happy you're not his girlfriend :D


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