Does she like me or am I wasting my time?

So there's this girl I like and we really seem to connect when we're together and we kissed (no tongues) on our first (kind of) date. But on the second date I wrapped my arm around her and that's when she told me she was fresh out of a relationship and not looking for a new one, but she said she liked spending time together. But she's always slow with answering my texts (sometimes not answering them at all) even when I know she has read them. I don't know how to feel about it all and it makes me sad thinking about it.


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  • I understand that she may have had a tough break up and be confused and because of that she gives you mixed signals... I think u should give her some time to let decide what she wants to do. Discuss the matter with her and be understanding. There's another possibility. She may still have feelings for her ex.

    • I'd like to discuss it with her, but that's hard when she's not very responsive when I message her.
      I hope giving her more time will help and I really really hope she has no more feelings for her ex, that would break my heart

    • Hope this turns out well😃

    • thanks, I hope so too

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  • Her heart isn't healed or she's not into you but most likely she isn't ready to move on... give her space. But don't wait forever they could get back together

    • It's hard for me to know how long would be a good time to wait, I really like her and I'm not quite ready to abandon all hope yet

    • Well I would say a month then... any longer would be putting your life on hold who doesn't see your value but that's just me... hope she comes around☺

    • Thank you for your advice and I hope so as well

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