Should I text him now or wait?

Hey guys! (and girls)

I am in a situation with this guy. We met at a bar two weeks ago, he gave me his' number and I asked him out. We went on our first day yesterday.

We met at 15 o'clock and hung out until 8pm or something like that. Went to a museum, had a cup of coffee and then dinner at the end. He followed me to the bus and hugged me. Our conversations were get, it never got awkward and I would really like to see him again.

My question is this; Is it too much if I text him already today, the day after the date? Since I was the one to ask him out in the first place I am worried that I am not playing "hard to get" enough? So guys, what would you think if a girl texted you the day after the first date?

Thanks so much for your help!


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  • It's not too much. If you want to, go for it.


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