How do I approach this girl?

So I went to school with this girl 6 years ago. Stupid schoolboy stuff, was my 'gf' although nothing happened. Now it's 6 years later after the occasional 'Happy birthday' we had a conversation through Facebook and I have feeling for her again.
All I know is that we live near eachother, how do I find if she is single, likes me and how do I go about asking her out?


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  • You had one conversation over facebook and you happened to fall for her again? What the fuck?


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  • Just ask her if she would like to meet for coffee sometime to catch up on what has happened with both of you. That sounds very casual and not like a date, but it gives you a chance to see her in person and find out if she is interested now.

    • I have though of that idea... That just means I have to have the balls to ask I guess

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  • I think the Best option would be Just ask her, but if you dont feel confortable asking directly, you can try search her status on social medias, or asking her Best friend. My Best advice is to get some courage to ask these questions directly but her. Good luck bro


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