Was this supposed to be a date?

So, I met this girl at a friend's party, (she's a friend of my friend's sister), and we talked a bit, scpecially about how we both enjoy watching silly movies. Now, 3 weeks later, she texts me (though I didn't give her my number) and politely invites me to the movies to watch a silly animation. I accept and we text and laugh a little bit more. Anyway, we watched the movie then walked around the mall, and it was not a romantic thing, we barely touched each other, but we did have a lot of fun and laughs. Then, she drived me home (I can't drive) and inclined her cheek so I coule give her a kiss (I did). She was very confortable with the situation all the time, and so did I. So, my question is: was this a date (or some kind of pre-date)? Does she likes me in a romantic way or simply thought this would be nice? Please, keep in mind i'm 17 and she's 19. Thank you very much!!


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  • I think yes It was. Why would a girl invite you as a friend and find your number?


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