How do I approach?

I have a girl in most of my classes, and I've liked her for quite some time now. We know some things about each other, I wouldn't say friends, but we appriciate each other I guess you can word it that way. I've wanted to approach her but I don't know how. Any advice? Thanks in advance.


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  • Start by teasing her a bit. Try to make small talk. Ask her something.


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  • Well at least you two know each other so she’s not a total stranger. You can say something in-directly about her schoolwork or jump in on her conversation, or start a new conversation. With snapchat you can start snap chatting her building rapport form the comfort of your own home. It’s important to approach now before you let more excuses flood in. Yes they feel real but they won’t help you.

    • Also understand that she just wants a boyfriend. Every girl in high school does. So all you need to do is be friendly and exist beside her for long enough (building comfort) and boom! I’ve recently completed high school and that’s something I wish I did more of. It’s important to build comfort with her because that’s all you need. Then give hints or make sure she knows you don’t want to be just friends, and the tone will be set. It’s only a matter of time then

    • Thank you so much for the advice

    • No problem

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