Relationship Advice?

So I go to college where I'm majoring in engineering and live in an all male dorm. The opportunity to date someone that's actually cute is pretty slim, luckily I found a girl at my dining hall and her friend told me she has a crush on me. She's really cute and attractive and is on the rowing team and is great but she's liberal. I'm a very conservative person and don't know if it will work out. Should I tell her that I have feelings for her too. I dream about her, of me holding her and kissing her and they've gotten pretty strong lately now that I'm home from Christmas break and I haven't seen her face for a while. She looks at me like a puppy dog every time we talk and always gets mad at me when sometimes I try to ignore her because dating a liberal I don't think would match with my personality. I also don't like 90 percent of her friends. Should I tell her I have feelings too? And if so what would happen then? She is nice.. oh also I have no clue about relationships. I've never been in one and was homeschooled throughout highschool.

Relationship Advice?
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