When a guy shows interests and wants to meet right away why am I more nervous to meet?

Usually I would have to ask a guy to meet up but when a guy shows interest in me and want to meet me right away I get nervous. I feel like there's a trick or something if he shows actual interest in me. Usually I would be nervous if I intiated it but since the guy did I'm even more nervous?


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  • It sounds like maybe you don't think you're desirable as a girlfriend so you're suspicious about why a guy would show interest in you.

    Certainly it's good to be wary since there are a lot of guys that only care about women for sex and not for a real relationship, but as long as you take it slow and wait on sex until you're sure he really cares about you as a person, I don't think there's any need to be more nervous just because he expresses interest first. If you think he seems worth getting to know better, go for it. Personally I always like it when a woman shows interest in me because then I know I won't get rejected if I approach her.

    • I guess in the past when a guy shows interests they don't really mean it. So maybe that's why I'm worried.

    • That could be. Unfortunately that happens. They don't really mean it or they're only interested in sex. But I think it's still worth pursuing it if you see any potential with the guy. Just go slowly at first until you can determine his real motivation.

    • Thank you !!

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  • Part of that is the anticipation and excitement you might feel when you suddenly realize you are with your crush and they notice you the same way.

  • relax and go for it there is no big deal.. morever it will soumd weird if u don't meet him up. he can lose intrest

  • You should be more relaxed as if he shows interest it is less likely to mess up when you meet him


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