Why isn't my girlfriend putting much effort into our relationship?

Hi so I've been dating this girl for like 2 months now and it seemed like she really liked and the relationship was going fine. This is my first legit relationship, just to add. To note, she has super strict parents, like not-allowed-to-not-talk-to-boys strict, and she told me that she won't be able to get me gifts or go on dates as often as others, and I told her I understood. She also gets stressed and panics really easily, and she often feels down.
So we've been snapchatting and chatting each other almost every night while I was away in another country during winter break, and recently she seems like she't not as enthusiastic or willing to put in effort anymore. I'm almost always the one who starts conversations, who talks a lot, who gets her gifts, who sends her encouraging messages and help her calm down whenever she feels down, who tries to plan any possible dates, tell her that she's really pretty and I really like her, etc. But she usually replies in short messages and waits for me because she's "not good at starting conversations" and "can't think well," and says "realistically we don't have time to do this or that" or "we'll talk about this later I should sleep." I've tried asking her to try starting or telling me what she wants to do, but she always says I don't know or I don't mind. I understand the situation with her parents and how they might have made her anxious, and that we can't do as much as other couples. But it feels like she gives up really quickly and doesn't put in any effort to even try to do something for me or for us, meanwhile I'm ready to do so much.
I've read that she acts this way because I'm being too clingy or needy, or "the emotional woman" of the relationship. Should I stop snapchatting her as much, maybe even seeing and not replying? Should I reply in short conversations too? Should I just not contact her at all and wait until she starts first?
I know this is a lot, thank you so much for reading and I appreciate any help.
Why isn't my girlfriend putting much effort into our relationship?
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