How does a girl want the first date to start and end?

What do girls find appropriate and inappropriate when the first date begins or comes to an end? Do you expect your partner to meet you at your door? And at the end of the date do you expect him to walk you to your house, accompany you in a public transport or taxi if you live quite far away, so going home on foot isn't an option? Or do you think it would be obtrusive of him or unnecessary? Would you like him to give you a hug when saying hello or goodbye? Or does it depend on how you find your partner? What about kisses? Cheeks, lips?


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  • For me it depends on the type of first date this is- is it a first day where we already know and like each other, but we just started dating? Or a first date where it’s only the first or second time that we’ve even met? I think those situations have to be handled quite differently. I’d be comfortable with a lot more in the first situation than I would in the second. For example, I’d be comfortable with a goodnight kiss in the first scenario, but not so much if I basically just met the person.


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