Bros before hoes?

I have been seeing this girl for about a week now and I really like her. I have had bad commitment issues and fuckboy tendancies in the past and this girl is something completely different and has the potential to change my ways all together. The only problem is my reasonably close mate has just broken up with her so I haven't told him about me seeing her. The secret got out and he got kinda annoyed and anytime I would ask him anything on Snapchat he would just reply with "brocode" or one word answers. I don't want to lose friendships but I would rather lose them than this girl. What do I do?


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  • keep the girl and lose the guy - this girl is hard to find - friends are so easy to find


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  • I'd go with girl even thought I value friends a lot my "friends" aren't real friends so why would I care... Yeah the bro code does justify his douchy mood to you so u can't blame him...

    • I've already said this to him but if it were the other way round I would let him go for it no doubt about ut

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  • Give it time. He’ll come around after a couple weeks. Make him understand that she’s that special to you.

    • I don't think I can wait that long tho, would it be bad to keep it secret for the time being?

    • Yea, just sit on it. What did your chick say about the secret?

    • She's fine with it coz she dislikes her ex and she knows is probs the best option

  • Firstly I think it really is wrong going out with your mates ex... But if she's a wifey and he wasn't treating her, there's a maybe chance you might wanna keep her

    • He treated her like shit after they broke up and he tells me he's over it but he doesn't want me to do it coz 'brocode'

    • Ahh well he might have his reasons also after its ended doesn't really matter.

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