Going on a date with an awkward guy, need advice from girls + guys x?

I've been speaking to this guy for months, we've only met about 4 times and for most of those it's at parties where I'm slightly drunk but he's sober, even though we've never really spent a lot of time one on one we do have a connection when we speak. He's admitted that he has feelings for me and asked me to hang out with him this weekend, there's no real plan of what we're going to do (which I'm a little worried about) + he is a little awkward even with people who he's close with. I'm just asking for advice as to how I can make him feel more comfortable and I'm wondering whether or not I should make the first move? I definitely want to kiss him but I don't know if it's too forward for a girl to kiss on the first date. ANY advice would be appreciated, thanks, guys xx


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What Guys Said 1

  • Grab his hand. Gotta break the touch barrier


What Girls Said 2

  • So you have talked so you know what his interests are?
    I would look into the things you don't know much about that he has mentioned. Or ask him about those things. Awkward people don't really get less awkward, you just get used to it lol.
    As for the first move, get it girl! Waiting for the guy to make the move is old fashioned. Plus, your talking a kiss, not dropping your panties for him

  • Kiss him on the second date, before make some joke, make him laugh


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