Does it creep you out when people move too fast?

So I'm single for 3 days now and I have a friend that always had interest in me so I told him I was single and somewhere in the conversation he said "So we could be together forever" I didn't even mentioned, to him that I want to be with him. I mean this was the same day my relationship ended. So last night he asked me if I missed him all day because he was at work and we didn't had a change to chat so I said yes. Then he claimed me as his girlfriend and we haven't even went out on a date, so I told him that we have to go on a date first and I'll see how it goes. ( He was shocked when I told him that)
Have you met someone who went so fast it began to creep you out?
Do you find this behavior creepy?
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* So not too long ago he I simply asked him how is his family doing and he asked me if I want to meet his mother and he can meet mine.
I'm going to get him out of my life tomorrow.
Does it creep you out when people move too fast?
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