Why has he not texted me yet? He said he wanted to take me out again this week?

So I went on a date with this guy who is 22 and I'm 18. He is a senior in college and I'm a freshmen. When he asked me out he said "want to take you out". Although he is really busy since he is working on a new startup and has to go to meetings often so he had to cancel and reschedule once since "work got too crazy" and he apologized.

So then for the reschedule he asked when I was free (on Thursday he asked) and I said I was open the whole weekend. Then he didn't text me back til Saturday after I texted him asking if he still wanted to do something that weekend. He then said yes and asked me to go to dinner that night.

So then we went out to dinner and had a great time! Although, I forgot to thank him when he paid for me. Is that bad? He then dropped me off and I was telling him something and asked if he had to leave, but he said he had some time. He also told me that he wanted to go out again this coming week but could only do dinner on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, it is Wednesday afternoon and he has not texted me since Saturday after the date.

So then I finished my story then he tried to kiss me and I did not move, then he asked why I got so quiet and he told me I was acting weird and then called me weird. So then I asked him if he got cold sores, then he asked me if I got it then I said no then he said no. Then he said why do you even ask people that and was like wtf. Then he started making out with me and after like 2 seconds he stuck his tongue in my mouth, this was the first time we ever kissed and first date. I usually don't kiss guys on the first date but I just could not reject him. Does he think I am easy now?

Then I pulled away after 10 seconds and was like you have never gotten a cold before right and he said never. I am germaphobic by the way, is it bad that I ask guys if they cold sores? So then I left the car and he texted me like an hour and a half later saying "nice meeting you". Then I said "nice meeting you too". He has not texted me since.


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  • Give him some time. Or you could try texting him in order to catch up.

    • oh so you don't totally think he is completely uninterested? Cause why would he bother texting me after?

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