Girls, I'm scared to start dating. Should I even try?

I'm not the tallest by any means for a guy. 20 5'6... After I broke up with a girl I made the mistake of searching the internet why it happened and height was something I never considered. This has made me really insecure and I never realized how much negativity is out there for short guys. I've never been bullied for my size and I am around friends that accept me. Most of my friends are always out with girls but I'm never the one getting great matches on tinder. Dudes tell me I'm amazing looking and have changed a lot. I don't know many girls so this could be the problem. But again I think my height is the only reason I'm never with a girl. After reading online I'm honestly scared to go out and try dating because it seems that women are that superficial and unaccepting for one trait I can't fix. Am I just overthinking this or should I be legit concerned to die alone because I am biologically incapable? What is one trait that girls are freaking out about that the internet blows that is similar to being a short man? I can't find that trait! Just be frickin blunt honest
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Girls, I'm scared to start dating. Should I even try?
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