Does a foreign accent make a girl more attractive?

"Foreign being completely relative of course, depending on where you're from/what you're used to hearing. Which accents are the most attractive to you?
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  • Fuck yeah they can. Singsongy Scottish girls can melt the coldest of hearts with but a few words, and French girls are as saucy as they come; soft Irish accents will can put the mind at ease and the soul at rest.

    Accents are powerful in the right contexts, man.


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  • It depends the accent
    Some will some won't
    As I'm french I love when people speak French with an accent (especially English or American one)
    But I don't really have ever thought about the fact it can be attractive
    But sure it does depending the person the accent and language spoken

    • As an English guy: French girls speaking English is top notch, especially with that little giggle that's popularised in the media.

    • I think lots of people love the french accent

  • Yes , it does to me ^^ at least being a foreigner does , don't really know if it's the accent , the fact that they're just really different , or anything else ^^
    But I do not have many foreign friend , but lots of the girls one are really attractive :)

  • Things like accent and looks don't matter a lot to me so not really

  • Yes... British accent

  • Natural


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