When does a person become clingy?

I was in a relationship and even though im bad at it i was invested and i would always mesage her not all the time but at least a goodmorning and at the end of the day to make sure her day was ok was that clingy? should i mesage less often? We talked and i got to know her to the point where i knew what felt like everything and conversations grew dull because i would run out of topics and she wouldn't carry the conversation. What can i do to keep the conversation going


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  • No thats not clingy, that's fairly normal. Maybe have a few days off in between if you feel it's become dull. Make sure you have a life you enjoy to keep it interesting with plenty of experiences to talk about and share of you can.


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  • If you're talking, make sure you are saying something. Meaning make sure the conversation doesn't go dull. You do that by being honest, open, and busy. I say busy becuase everyone has their own life. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of someone else.

    Really just depends on the level of attention this girl needs. I don't text or call my girl everyday unless I want to. When I text her everyday, it's because I'm genuinely missing her and want to say something. If I have nothing to say, I have no need to say good morning or good night. To me, that would get repetitive very quickly.


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