How to have casual relationships with girls?

I always ask myself how would one go about it, preferably staying out of trouble. I'm not one for real relationships, but I am interested in casual "flings"- not necessarily just one night stands, but maybe just being friends and staying "cool" afterwards.

- I'd NEVER tell a woman I love her just for sex.
- I'd to be as clear as possible about it. No leading into thinking otherwise.

So is it possible? Does the woman have to be a "slut" to just have a casual relationship with a guy?
I don't like real relationships very much... for starters, I'm not in love with any woman. I also feel any ugly guy can get a girlfriend by just using the right words or being at the right moment, so that's kind of lame and anyone can do that...


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  • Most self-respecting women will not subject themselves to a relationship that will have no future. However, I would not call the women who do not mind a more casual relationship a slut. And if anyone can get a girlfriend through knowing the right words to say or by a chance meeting, maybe you can too.

    • Just because we're into casual sex doesn't mean they don't respect themselves. That's how I feel about it, at least. Like I said, I don't feel much of a point in being in a relationship if we're not in love, so I don't know.

      I'm also in my early 20's, so I don't know if girls are already thinking of "a relationship that's going somewhere" or something like that.

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