Am I important to my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. Lately he has been weird about things between us.

His family is going to Argentina for a week during school therefore he would have to miss a week of lectures. He would never skip ONE lecture to visit me...

He would rather go to his cousins house for his cousins birthday rather than spend time with me on my champagne birthday party.

Always forgets to text me or make time to even see me

Am I important to him or am I over exaggerating?


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  • I get not skipping class for you. And his cousin is his family so that makes sense too. But he could at least get you a gift or come visit you afterwards or try to make it up to you. But if he's not making time for you then you should try talking to him and explaining that you're not getting enough time with him

  • Well if he's not making time for you then I say you're obviously not exaggerating.


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