Lowest of the lowest people?

Strippers... people who are on welfare.. prostitues... people who sleep around for money... people who dont work... why are these people considered low? i mean i think they are smart... why waste time working for someone when u can do just do you?


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  • So, working for yourself is inherently a good thing? That’s what you’re implying. We have to judge someone’s character and integrity based upon the major life choices they make. The choice to be a stripper or be a prostitute is a morally deficient choice to make for a variety of reasons. I understand that some go into these professions for money to help themselves in poverty stricken situations, but how can you reconcile others not going into the same job even when they face the same poverty situations? I say it’s a flawed character trait inherent within the biology of the person, specifically, the person’s brain. What is “good” about being a a stripper or prostitute? There’s nothing maximizing about it. Society would be better off without such jobs and people.

    • why s bein a stripper bad? it is a sport... let me tell you that. it ain't easy and why is it morally a wrong thing to do? what do u mean something wrong with the person?

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    • -employment office
      -relief groups
      -local church
      -charities looking for workers
      -apply and get on social programs from the government if you need it.

      There’s PLENTY of women that are in terrible positions and do not go into stripping or prostitution. It’s a question of wills, integrity, and character. That’s it. You can find a different job just as easily as you can find jobs as a stripper or a prostitute. It’s a matter of perseverance and hard work. Don’t give up your character for something so demeaning to a lot of women. It’s NOT empowering or liberating!

    • I sincerely hope that you can take your self-righteousness and do something good with it so that your morals can actually matter to someone other than yourself. How about you start an organization that helps these depraved and morally corrupt strippers/murderers (since they’re the same thing obviously) find help and support?

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  • They judge these people and label them as “low” because we love to think of ourselves as being so high and mighty. In reality, you never know how drastically your life can change that you might have to do something that you believe is totally beneath you.

    • Wrong they are low because they are infected with sexual diseases from aids to god knows what just ask a winner like a Hollywood actor C S he used to Bragg about his personal hoes and it’s also low not paying In cumm tax and our prisons are full of low life’s so if I am higher it’s because I don’t co-sign complete BullShit ya feel me doe?

    • You are excused I was ten years old once

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  • Torturing babies is in itself an action taking harm against another. We need to deal with those who are doing the harming, following your analogy, you don't blame the baby for being a baby when it gets tortured. And you don't blame a stripper for being a stripper. If someone is aware of the downsides or risks of their decisions they are fully entitled to make them. We're talking about adults here. Stripping and prostitution are not wrong, even by what you said it is those who are harming others that are in the wrong

  • It’ll make them feel good about their bleak lives if they can point the finger and say “that person is lower than me”

  • If everyone was on welfare there wouldn't be welfare.. simple

    • What do you mean? I don't understand

    • People who work are the ones who pay for welfare, if no one works and everyone claims welfare then there won't be any welfare cos there's no one to pay for it!

  • I don't waste time working for people, I just do myself

  • haters gonna hate!


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